Alice Soremittens the comfort seeker


Alice Soremittens gets comfortable

Alice Soremittens Collapsed on the bed. It’d been too long since she got to do so without the stress an anxiety of working meow-time. She’d just finished a shift, and had walked herself home. The last shift of meork was meowausting, and very busy. There were lots of things to do, even on the last day of work. Alice had worked as a meowtent writer, meowing content for all sorts of meowsites on the meowernet. She did exceptionally at this job, but sometimes to pressure of other kitten’s paws would interfere with her work, and she didn’t like this.

But no more! no more meowteruptions, and no more meownnoying meows when she was trying to write. She hoped her friend, Meowrina, wouldn’t eat her pawsome biscuits that she’d been working for.

Her whiskers twitched as the fluffy blanket slowly pulled her further and further down into it. What a great day it was. Forgetting about the past, and the future, she lay there, immobile. unable to even get up for a meoeach or a meoapple. She remembered that she had a meowboard from her job, laying beside her. She struggled to think about it’s next use. All she could think about is the soft, fluffy blankets pulling her into their embrace. She purred softly… “this is… Meowfect.”

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