Timmy Pawsmighty and Alice Fluffyears

Judgemental Kittens

Alice Fluffyears and Timmy Pawsmighty sitting on a roadside in Meowland, somewhere in Meowurope.

“The road was empty. green emanated from the surrounds around the road. Two furry figures sat perched in the middle, focused on something in the Distance.

Timmy Pawsmighty and Alice Fluffyears looked on in silence. a commotion could be heard in the distance. The silence between them broke. “Look at them!” he meowed, a taste of displeasure on his words. “Meoey think they are so meowpular!”. Other kittens in the distance discussed paw boots, fur shampoos and whisker treatments in a nearby meowcatplace.

For the first time Alice Fluffyears spoke. “Meoell, it doesn’t matter. Meow we should judge them.” And they did. Two balls of fur sat on the roadside in silence, judging the other kittens as they paraded around. And that, is Meowdgement.

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