Vance Von Ruffles and the Presidential Candidacy

Vance Von Ruffles at his recent meowerism speech.

Vance Von Ruffles at his recent meowerism speech.

“Vance Von Ruffles did not have an easy job. It was never easy, having such responsibility on his shoulders. All the Kittens of the Meownited Meows relied on his decisions. Vance Von Ruffles looked out over the assembled mass of fur in front of him with a heavy and difficult heart. They didn’t know about the current Meowconomic situation the country was facing, nor were they aware of the rise in fur-ball related crime in the eastern suburbs of MeowTown. All they knew was what they had come to hear, a new presidential decree by Mr. Ruffles to save meowerourism in the Beach related towns…

Vance Von Ruffles licked his paw, and then the sheet of paper in front of him. The coarse surface of his tongue scrapped against the paper as his thoughts soon faded about the problems of MeowTown and Beaches, and instead found himself distracted by the paper.

As the entire of the Meowted Meows listened and watched, Vance Von Ruffles began his speech. “Meeeeeoooooooowwwwww” *Sound of paper tearing*

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