Mittens Khlebyagoda and the Tiresome Saga

Mittens Khlebyagoda

Mittens Khlebyagoda Asleep on the Keyboard.

Mittens Khlebyagoda purred softly. A bright light emanated from outside the room. Outside birds sang, flew and chirped happily in the evening light. The waves lapped softly onto the golden crisp sand on the beach nearby, fish and dolphins gracefully gliding through the water like they were hot utensils being used on butter.

Mittens opened his mouth in the most precarious way… in seemed uncontrolled, and after a few seconds it closed again. The yawn made his whiskers twitch against the keyboard, and made Mittens’ lungs exhale softly. There had been a long day at work, and finally it was time to sign out. The phone beside Mittens hadn’t rung for maybe an hour… at one point, he’d given it a decisive nudge with his small paw, to make sure it was still connected. All day, there had been calls, and all day, the computer had been on, reciting endless streams of information and blurting out endless sounds that would drive any normal person insane with their repetition.

But now it was over. Everything was quiet. All that could be heard was the quiet humming of the computer, and the soft breathing of an exhausted Mittens. No beeps, or boops, or ringing. Finally.

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